National Positive Clubs’ Futsal Competition Report

National Positive Clubs’ Futsal Competition

In line with the concept of “Protect the Goal” campaign, to increase awareness among the youth and mobilization of communities around HIV prevention and treatment , Payamavaran Hamyari NGO (in charge of Varamin positive club) in partnership with other positive clubs,UNAIDS, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Sport and Youth and Varamin Municipality organized a futsal tournament on occasion of anniversary of Islamic Revolution during 11 – 13 Feb 2015. 

Opening Ceremony

The ceremony was opened  by Dr. Seyedghasemi the Director of Payamavaran Hamyari who emphasized on importance of sport as a channel to raise awareness and reduce stigma and discrimination.  The ceremony  was also addressed by Dr. Doroudi, UCD; Dr. Gouya, PCB member; and Ms. Behnoush Bakhtiari, HIV Goodwill Ambassador (movie actress). The event saw presence of the cultural advisor to the member of parliament from Varamin city and the head of AIDS office of the Ministry of Health. 

Message of Head of Communicable Disease Control Department; Ministry of Health

Dr Gouya, PCB member, reiterated that such programmes not only sensitize communities about HIV, but also increase partnership and networking among PLHIV and key population to promote positive prevention.

Message of UNAIDS Country Director

Dr. Doroudi, Country Director of United Nations Joint Programme on AIDS, described  the Protect the Goal concept, the new UNAIDS campaign, as a simple idea illustrating the power of protection. According to him, the campaign makes an analogy between goal keepers protecting the goal and people protecting themselves. Dr Doroudi emphasized that the objective of the campaign is to use the popularity and convening power of sport to promote HIV prevention, particularly among young people.

Message of HIV Goodwill Ambassador

Ms. Behnoush Bakhtiari asked the participants to “protect the goal” in order to have a future without HIV infection. She invited PLHIV and futsal players to be pioneer in HIV programmes aimed to eliminate HIV transmission from mother to child.

Message of The Head of AIDS Office, Ministry of Health

Dr. Sedaghat stressed on the role of PLHIV and peer education in the national HIV programme and emphasized on continuation of such initiatives in order to achieve HIV prevention goals.

Community’s Acknowledgment to Service Providers

Varamin Health network staff received Letter of Appreciation from Payamavaran Hamyari NGO in recognition of their hard work and support to PLHIV and key population communities in a stigma-free environment in Varamin area. 

Participating Teams

  • Varamin Positive Club 
  • Shahriar Positive Club
  • Ahvaz Positive Club
  • Yazd Positive Club
  • Zamzam Positive Club
  • Delshodegan DIC

Closing Ceremony

Winners that are Yazd Positive Club, third rank; Shahriar Positive Club, second rank; Delshodegan DIC, first rank; received their cups from the Varamin’s Member of Parliament, Varamin’s Director of Physical Education office  and the Director of organizing NGO, respectively.